Activating a copy of ABBYY Lingvo installed on a LAN

When is activation necessary? Always.

Why is activation necessary? Activation is a very simple procedure to confirm that your copy of ABBYY Lingvo is used in compliance with the End-User Licence Agreement.
The End-User Licence Agreement states the number of computers on which ABBYY Lingvo may be installed. Installing ABBYY Lingvo on more computers will breach the terms of the EULA.

Activation procedure Once you have installed ABBYY Lingvo on your server, you must run the Licence Manager utility and activate at least one of the available licences. Then you can start installing ABBYY Lingvo from the server on the workstations. A copy of the application installed from the server on a workstation does not require additional activation and will run in full mode. For more information about activating ABBYY Lingvo installed on a local area network, please refer to the System Administrator’s Guide.

Active ABBYY Lingvo x3, x5 or x6 now
To activate your copy of ABBYY Lingvo x3, x5 or x6, fill in the form below and click Activate. You will receive a reply message containing an activation file. Save the file somewhere on your hard drive, run the Activation Wizard and specify the path to the saved activation file. Now ABBYY Lingvo will run in full mode.

* Product ID:  -   -   -   -   - 
* Serial number:  -   -   -   -   - 

Activating an earlier version of ABBYY Lingvo
Earlier versions of ABBYY Lingvo (specifically 9,10, 11, and 12) can only be activated by launching the application and selecting the appropriate commands from the menu. For detailed instructions, see the Help file accompanying the corresponding version.

Cases when you may need to activate the same copy again

  1. If you are reinstalling your copy of ABBYY Lingvo after you have made substantial changes to your hardware or operating system (e.g. if you have formatted your hard drive or reinstalled the OS).
  2. If you are installing your copy of ABBYY Lingvo on a different computer or server.

A copy of ABBYY Lingvo used in compliance with the terms of the End-User Licence Agreement may activated an unlimited number of times.

If you have any questions about the activation procedure, please contact ABBYY’s Activation Service.