ABBYY Product Activation

ABBYY Comparator Activation

Your copy of ABBYY Comparator may require activation.

To activate ABBYY Comparator right now:

  • Run the ABBYY Comparator Activation Wizard (Activation link in the program dialogs) on the computer on which you are going to use the program;
  • Select the "on the web-site" activation method and click "Next";
  • The Activation Wizard will display your Serial number and Product ID;
  • Enter these numbers into their corresponding fields below;
  • In reply, you will receive an Activation File which you must enter in the corresponding field of the Activation Wizard. Now the program will run in full-function mode.
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ABBYY Comparator can be installed on the same computer an unlimited number of times without re-activation. However, if major changes are made to the system (i.e. reformatting the hard drive, re-installation of the operating system, etc.), an additional activation may be required.

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